Access to Adobe Creative Cloud Products

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of desktop and mobile applications that can be used to creatively expand visual design in web, video, photography, and so much more! Popular products in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite include Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Animate, InDesign, Acrobat DC and Premiere Pro.

Are you a CURRENT faculty or staff member of Odessa College? Are you interested in using any of the Creative Cloud products to enhance your current or future work with the college? If so – we can help!

How Can I Get Access?

Send an email to and one of the OC Global staff members will set up your Adobe Creative Cloud account for you.

Creation of the account will generate an email to you at your email address. Make sure to check your email (and also your barracuda filter)! If you don’t see an email come through from Adobe in a reasonable amount of time after requesting the account creation, send another email to and someone will work on getting that issue resolved for you.

I Have My Account! Now What?

Once you have your account created, it is time to install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application. This application gives you a one-stop-shop to pick and choose which Adobe applications you want to install on your local device. Many of the creative cloud applications are quite large and can take up quite a bit of disk space to install. Make sure you have enough room on your hard drive for the program before you install it!

IMPORTANT! If you are using an Odessa College device (such as your office computer) – you will need to submit a school dude ticket to the IT department and request that they come and install the Creative Cloud Desktop application for you. Depending on the level of administrative access on your work device, you may also need IT to assist with the individual application installations as well.