Online Teaching & Learning Certificate Program – 2019 Cohort

Teaching and learning in the online environment can be challenging. It goes far beyond simply putting your content in a learning management system like Blackboard. How can you connect with your students in the online environment? How can you get them to engage with their peers? How can you know that they are “getting it” with regard to the content?

Odessa College’s Online Teaching & Learning Certificate Program can help! Beginning with basics like the foundations of online teaching and learning, learning theories, and instructional design principles, this series of courses will give you the opportunity to experience online learning as your students do, while you’re learning about engaging learners in the online environment.

Courses within the program include:

Foundations / Principles of Online Teaching and Learning
This course provides learners with a hands-on experience in designing and teaching their own online course. Historical background, current trends and common terminology will be discussed. Focus will be placed on writing measurable outcomes based upon the needs and goals of a course being developed. This course will also help participants to apply principles of instructional design to modify and/or develop their own quality courses.

Assessing & Evaluating Online Teaching and Learning
This course introduces learners to a variety of online assessment and evaluation strategies, with a focus on assessment for continuous improvement, and the use of evaluation in improving teaching and learning.

Developing Online Learning Communities
This course covers concepts, methods, and research for creating and facilitating collaborative online communities of inquiry and practice. This course provides hands-on practice using synchronous and asynchronous communication technologies. Participants will design and facilitate learning experiences that focus on engagement, interaction, and collaboration. Learners will discuss netiquette and communication policies, conflict de-escalation and resolution, and collaborative learning through problem solving scenarios, simulations. Learners will also explore assessment of collaborative activities and providing feedback to learners.

Multimedia and Technology for Online Teaching and Learning
This course focuses on the design and evaluation of multimedia learning and teaching environments in higher education settings as well as corporate training contexts. Learners are introduced to principles of multimedia design based on best practices and current trends. Learners will explore the characteristics, possibilities and limits of various multimedia products that are available for use. Learners will always be exposed to various learning management systems. Additionally participants will explore issues around accessibility, copyright, and fair use.

Online Teaching and Learning Practicum
Culminating experience for the Online Teaching & Learning Certification Program, during which learners will apply concepts they have learned throughout the program to develop cohesive online course content that meets the rigorous quality standards of the program. Projects will be identified and proposed by participants to ensure that each participant is able to connect and apply the concepts to their own content. Projects can include (and are not limited to) development of Open Resources, Course Development, Workshops and Training experience for other educators, etc.

The Online Teaching and Learning Certificate Program at Odessa College has been modified to span one full semester, beginning in Spring 2019. This program is free to faculty (including part-time faculty!) and staff of Odessa College, and uses open resources, so no textbook costs! 

Watch for our Online Teaching and Learning Certificate Program sessions during Welcome Week in January 2019! Come by and learn more about our 2019 Cohort that will begin in January, and how you can be a part of that cohort!

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