Embed PowerPoint Presentations (and other media) In Your Blackboard Courses

Did you know that you can embed PowerPoint presentations (and other media) into your Blackboard courses, allowing learners to view material without downloading it?

Here’s how you can do it!

For PowerPoint, you will first need to create a web version of your presentation. It’s really easy… just upload it to your Google Drive, open with Google Slides, and publish to the web.

To add your PowerPoint presentation to Google Drive:

Log in to your Google Drive. If you have never used Google Docs/Sheets/Slides/Drive, you can create a FREE account. To access the Google Drive, the url is https://drive.google.com

Upload  your PowerPoint presentation
Click the +NEW button
Select File Upload
Upload presentation to Google Drive (click New, File Upload)


Open file with Google Slides Open the presentation with Google Slides
Right-click on the presentation you uploaded
(It will have a P icon as in the image to the right.
Select Open with from the menu that appears, and
Choose Google Slides from the next menu that opens.


In Google Slides, click File, and select
Publish to the web which gives you the
ability to publish the presentation to the web.
Click "File" and select "Publish to the web..."


Click "embed" tab Click Embed tab and select settings options
(timing to advance slides, and size.
NOTE: Small fits best into the Blackboard frames)Select Start Publishing or Publish


Use the computer keyboard combination CTRL and C to copy the embed code that appears in the window Grab the embed code, by clicking the EMBED tab
(select the code, and CTRL C to copy)


Note: You can also do this with Slide Share (http://www.slideshare.com) Voice Thread (http://www.voicethread.com), and many other web-based tools!

To add to your Blackboard course:

Click "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" button on toolbar In your Blackboard course, access the content area where
you want the presentation to be visible to students.Click the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button from the toolbar
(it’s the 4th from the left on the bottom row of tool bar buttons).
Select "Source" tab by clicking it. In the Insert/Edit Embedded Media window, click the Source tab


and paste the embed code (CTRL V to paste)


Click back on the General tab and then click UPDATE

CTRL plus V on your keyboard to paste, then click "General" tab


Remember… you will see a yellow block where your media will be until you click the SUBMIT button!

If you’ve created something on a website like Quizlet.com…

Using Quizlet.com, you can create flash cards and games to help your learners understand key terms and vocabulary. These can also be embedded into your Blackboard course shell


Click the More button (...) for more options, including "Embed Click the More button (…) for more options,
including the Embed .


Select Embed from the menu Select "Embed" from the menu


Select the mode (flash cards, matching, etc.) from the dropdown menu, then click Copy HTML Select the mode (Flash Cards, Matching, etc.)
from the dropdown menu, then click Copy HTML


In Blackboard, follow the steps above to add to your Blackboard Course. (Click here to return to that section!)

To add a PDF so that students can read it directly from the content area (without being required to download),

Add an Item in  your content area.

Upload the item to your course content area. Access the item and copy the URL.

Click the Insert/Edit Embedded Media Button.

Change "type" to Iframe, and paste URL in File/URL area




Change Type to Iframe

Paste the URL for the item into the File/URL

Click Insert





Remember… you will see a yellow block where your media will be until you click the SUBMIT button!