Upload Your Videos to Your TechSmith Relay Media Library!

Click Here for More... Partner Content... TechSmith RelayWe all know that TechSmith Relay is a great tool for lecture capture. And the TechSmith Fuse app is a great way to record videos on-the-go, that can be uploaded to your TechSmith Relay Media Library.

But did you know that you can upload videos that you’ve created outside of TechSmith products to your TechSmith Media Library?

If you have video files in MP4 format, you can upload those to your TechSmith Relay Media Library. This allows you to place a link to your video in your course, and eliminates the issue of space and performance that adding large video files can create.

Here’s how you can do this:

From your TechSmith Relay Media Library (log in to https://oc.techsmithrelay.com).

Click Create button to get started Click the Create button from your TechSmith Relay Media Library
From the Create menu in your TechSmith Relay Media Library, select Upload Media  Select Upload Media

Click Select Files to Upload


Drag and drop media files
(MP4 Videos or
JPG/PNG Images)

 Click Select Files to Upload, or drag media to the upload area


Upload media - upload will be complete when the X next to the file size is replaced by a check mark Media upload is complete
when the X
next to file size is
replaced by a check mark.


Media Upload is complete when a check mark replaces the X next to file size

Choose additional files as needed,
or click Close.

Your media is now available to be
added to your course through
the TechSmith tool in Blackboard!

Videos that were created in a format other than MP4 (WMV, MOV, for example) can be uploaded to YouTube. You can then bring that video in to your TechSmith Relay Media Library by clicking Create,  then selecting Import from YouTube.


Rather than having students upload large video/image files into Blackboard, please encourage your students to upload videos and large image files to TechSmith Relay, and then provide a link to that media in their assignment submission, discussion post, etc.



When you need students to upload videos assignments, they can use TechSmith Relay as well!

Students will need to create an account through Odessa College’s TechSmith Relay link (Odessa College’s link to TechSmith Relay).

To create an account they will

  • click Sign In
  • click Add an Account
  • enter Odessa College email address
    and click next
  • enter a password (does not have to be the same as the password for Odessa College email).

Then they can follow the instructions provided above to upload their videos.

To submit the link for their video the student will need to access their TechSmith media library, click on the video to be submitted, and copy a link to that video. This link can then be pasted into the assignment dropbox (in the Written Submission area), or they can paste the link into discussion posts, journal entries, etc., in their Blackboard course.

Here’s how students can copy the link to a video in their TechSmith Relay Media Library:

Click the video to access the tools available
for that video.Click the Share button.
Click Share button to get a link to the video
In the Share menu, select Get Link From the Copy Menu that
displays, select Get a Link
In the Here’s the Link window that opens, click Copy.

This will copy the link to your computer’s clipboard.

 Click Copy to copy the URL of the video to the computer's clipboard


Once copied, the "Copy" button changes to "Copied"; click Done TechSmith Relay will let you know that
you have copied the link by changing to Copied!Click Done.


To paste the link, access the area in Blackboard where the link will be pasted (Assignment Dropbox Write Submission area, discussion forum, etc.).

Hold down the CTRL button (Command for Mac Users!) and press the V key on the keyboard.

Want to download these instructions as a PDF, grab a cup of coffee and Download This!